Donate to Help the Farm Grow!

Bee a part of the solution.  Honey bees and bees around the world are such a vital part of what makes the world go around.  All pollinators make it possible for the majority of plants to grow and thrive.  Your donation will be used to plant more native flowers trees and shrubs.  More bees will have a home on the farm as we grow bigger in numbers.  More all natural, healthier-for-your-family products will make their way to the homes of people in the community and beyond thanks to you.  You can feel good knowing that you are sponsoring a honeybee near you and are a part of the movement to help protect the environment.  Your donations will go toward finding more organic ways to protect bees from dangers that threaten their health and survival.  We are always looking for the best practices that protect the environment and the biodiversity that exists within. 

Thank you!