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Bees at Work

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Honey Bee swarm in your yard? Text/Call now!

How to tell the difference between a honey bee and a yellow jacket.
What does a swarm look like?
We can handle ground wasps for you.

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How to Tell the Difference?

Honey bees are a dulled golden muddy beige while yellow jackets are a brighter neon like yellow.  They also have yellow on their faces and legs.  Honey bees legs are darker black.  Yellow jacket bodies are slimmer and their wings are thinner.  Honey bees have a thicker body with thicker wings.  Honey bees only have one sting and they know it so will often just bump into you as a scare tactic rather than resort to a fast death by stinging.  They actually prefer not to sting unless they feel very threatened.  Yellow jackets can sting repeatedly without death as a result.  They tend to be a little more aggressive and more likely to sting when feeling threatened.  Bees in general don't really want anything to do with you and will go about their own business unless provoked.  Just mind your own business and don't swat at them and likely they will leave you alone unless you get too close to their nest and act in a threatening way.  For years I walked right under wasp nests in my barn and they do nothing but hang there.  We can live in harmony sometimes. 

Swarm Season

From about late April to late June we will see bees swarming here in PA.  That means bees are appearing to just be everywhere and acting sorta dumb.  They are homeless and looking and sometimes get into places you don't want them.  They even whiz passed your head and its kinda freaky.  Here are some reasons to contact us right away when you see a true honey bee swarm.  They might be moving in, not just into your local trees, into your own or a neighbors roof, siding, patio, walls of your home, your car...its endless where they go.  We safely remove them and re home them.

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