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Moonlight Prince

Our favorite neighborhood unicorn is making his way into the hearts and dreams of all the children (and adults) he meets.  Here are some of the local events he has visited this year and some memories treasured for years to come. 









Scoupe DeVille

Ice Cream Parlor



Big thanks to Melanie (owner of Scoupe DeVille) and the ice cream crew for having us visit this Summer, 2021.  The children cheered with glee when we pulled in, that to me is priceless motivation to keep doing what we do.  Of course Prince loves his job too.  All the attention is welcomed for sure. 






We can't wait to expand on this venture in the future. 










The kids got to take a ride on their majestic unicorn Moonlight Prince, have a photo shoot, then choose their favorite ice cream flavor on a cone with sprinkles! Families enjoyed a tasty treat and thrilling day. 















Trunk or Treat



All trunk or treaters got to sit in the saddle for a photo shoot, brush their new friend and feed him baby carrots. Unicorns are super smart and learn quickly so you can only guess how long it took for him to expect that humans must all carry carrots. 












A little Mermaid poses before brushing her new friend's fluffy winter coat. "Prince appears to be giving her a smile." said the Mermaid's Mom. 




















This little trick or treater just discovered Prince has a cutie mark.  A moon and star because his magical ability is to make dreams brighter than a twinkling star in the night sky. 









Magnolia Dreams Gift Shop



All the lovely ladies surrounding their majestic unicorn Prince.  They were so excited to get to pet him and sit in the saddle for a photo shoot.  Some of the girls got kisses from Prince and giggled with delight. These little outfits were just adorable. 





Thank you for having us Carrie

(owner of Magnolia Dreams)

October 2021


I hear there are some fun surprises in store with Magnolia Dreams!







The girls had so much fun painting their unicorn cut outs, eating yummy cupcakes, and making new friends. 













































































Private Birthday Parties

This little lady had the best birthday ever when she found herself surrounded by family & loved ones, friends dressed in costume, a bouncy house, cake, goodies, and WHAT?! A REAL UNICORN!

Prince was not shy on the kisses with this red haired birthday girl.

Being the little sister means  she was not missing out on her turn.