XXX Ghost Pepper Honey is a wildflower honey with a bold sweetness infused with Organic Ghost Peppers.  If you are a lover of super hot spice and want to try something interesting to the taste buds, this is your choice.  When the honey touches your taste buds your are greeted with a friendly sweetness.  About three seconds later a tingle of heat spreads thoroughly through your senses leaving you intrigued and inspired to try this on your home baked chicken breast, in your favorite BBQ sauce, or in your spiced meat loaf special.  Try it on your burgers.  Have a dab to clear the sinuses when you feel a cold coming on.  Add it to your chili or baked beans!  There are endless uses for the XXX Ghost Pepper Honey.  Make the best barbecued shrimp ever.  Try grilling it onto pineapple rings for your next burger topping.

2oz XXX Ghost Pepper HoneyOrganic