Live Bees! Pick up date expected to be around mid May. 3lb package contains young and worker honey bees (10,000-12,000) a few drones may be present and one mated laying queen whom will be separated in a queen cage. Queens will be marked unless requested otherwise. You may pick up on the farm or we offer delivery for a calculated delivery fee within 15 miles. If you would like an installation lesson please inquire. Pricing is $25 plus delivery fee for installation, then $25/hour for longer sessions. No refunds are accepted for live bees.To reserve a package 1/2 down is required and half at pickup. Down payments are non refundable and will be considered a donation if arrangements for pickup are not made. Order early or we will fly out quickly! Limited packages available!If buying a beehive to go with your bees inquire on special prices!

3lb package Italian Honey bees