Lisa’s Bee Farm candles are cast with beeswax from our own organically farmed beehives. The sweet honey aroma fills your home with the scent of nature’s love. 

Choose from a variety of scents like naturally sweet honey, calming lavender, and holiday cinnamon spice.  All scents are derived from 100% pure essential oils. 

Over 20 HOURS burn time! 

Choose a candle dressing to compliment your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

Your new candles were made with your family and the environment in mind. The packaging is recyclable glass and metal. We also reuse the jars if you want to return them to us for a refill. The wick is made from organically grown hemp, free of chemicals. Light up your home with peace in mind. 

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday season.

Beeswax Sweet Honey Candle small