Aromatherapy is great for your whole family, even the pets. These beautiful candles burn for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes each. They are made from 100% natural beeswax harvested here on Lisa’s Bee Farm. We are a treatment free apiary and do not use chemicals or pesticides of any kind, not even the organic options. Zero chemicals.Included in this kit are two 150mg CBD candles and a ceramic compact. Refill candles are available. You can choose from four ceramic compact colors. BlueMint BluePinkPurpleYou can choose from five terpenes. Strawberry CoughPineapple ExpressApple JackSuper Lemon HazeBlueberry The candles are shaped like stars, hearts, or Unicorns. Your choice!Safety:Use care when opening and closing the compact. Do not close the compact when liquid wax is in both cups. If using only one side at a time you can close the compact to put out the candle so smoke does not come into the room. Never leave children unattended when lit. Snuff out the candle if all the wax burns up before the wick. 

CBD & Terpene Beeswax Candle Compact

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