Hi everyone!

I am Lisa, owner of Lisa’s Bee Farm LLC. It all started four years ago when I decided to leave teaching and combine everything I love into one profession. Science, horticulture (gardening), entomology (insects), botany (plants), biology (living things), working in the sunshine, working with food and making things, using creativity and brain power to be innovative, and teaching children and adults alike about the fascinating world we live in. Beekeeping was the obvious choice, that would allow me the freedom to express who I am and to do all the things I love. One of the biggest reasons I got into teaching was to make the change in this world I wanted to see by inspiring children, our future, to be amazing human beings. In beekeeping, I feel that I am definitely able to make a positive impact on our planet and our people.


My vision is to bring together a like-minded team, to develop a holistic approach to beekeeping practices in America and to offer products that are conducive to a holistic lifestyle. This plan includes finding a solution to the varroa mite’s destructive nature on honey bee populations around the world. We bring fully organic raw honey to the public and offer natural healing alternatives which promote independence and empower individuals to take control of their physical and mental health. We even have products for our furry friends. I take pride in being able to say we use zero pesticides or fungicides on the farm and keep it as true to organic as we could imagine to be. We have even started a wiggler worm mini farm to help us with soil quality in order to get the best vegetables and flowers for the community and our bees. We are all linked, what goes into the hive goes into us, goes into the environment as a collective. It is the tougher road to take, being completely pure in the organic sense, but it will be worth it when the outcome is a strengthened and thriving community for us all. Without bees we would have far less food and many species would struggle to survive. Through research, lab work, and building a determined group of fellow biologists, beekeepers, gardeners, and knowledgeable sales team; we will achieve all our most precious aspirations.

Thank You & Warm Wishes,

Lisa M. Piombino & Team

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