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Our 2 part face & body care is so gentle and so natural you could eat it, minus the tea tree oil.

Part 1 is a moisturizing face & body cleanser that can be used alone or in combination with part 2. Use finger tips to take out a small amount and rub in circles over face, neck, shoulders, back or body. Let rest on for about 30-60 seconds and rinse with mild temperature water.

Part 2 After dipping finger tips into cleanser tap fingers in the scrub jar to gather scrub crystals onto finger tips. Gently rub scrub in circular motion over face or body. Let rest on for 30-60 seconds then rinse with mild temperature water.

You can use a moisturizer after drying your face but we have found we dont even have to.


Cleanser: Honey, tea tree oil, rosemary, propolis

Scrub: Epsom Salts, lavender essential oil, lavender

Moisturizing Face & Body Cleanser + Scrub

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