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Swarm of Bees?

Do you have a swarm of bees you need us to rescue and relocate?  We can help!

It is important to act ASAP as the bees may be trying to move into your roof or siding.

Step 1: Identify best you can if the bees are honey bees or maybe a different type of bee by using our identifier below.  If you can safely get a video or picture this will help. We can confirm for you if they are honey bees.


Step 2: Text (or call) 484-269-1119 and send us your photo/video of the bees along with your address and we will return your message with a text or call to determine how we can best help.


Step 3: We will relocate the honey bees to one of our apiary locations.  If they are identified as ground wasp or other type of wasp/hornet, we suggest to call an extermination company for safe removal.

Swarming tends to happen around end of May to end of June and again in August, for PA swarm season.

See Farm Services Page for honey bee home hive removal service, if they are living in your home.

Honey Bee


This is a picture of what to look for if you think it is a honey bee.  They can be homing in your house siding or a roof area but will also be found hanging in a ball or a drooping like mass.  They can be collected on an item (tree, bush, bench, your porch, anywhere) if they are swarming or can be traveling in a humming, loud, tornado like movement.  It will appear as if a dust cloud is in the distance at first.  If you find yourself in the middle of this swarm you can cover your ears with your hands, close your mouth, hold your breath and calmly walk out of their "tornado" swarm.  Do not swat, they are in their most vulnerable state of being and do not want to start trouble but will fight back if threatened. 

Lisa Piombino on Instagram: "This is what a swarm tornado looks like! #honeybees #swarm #insects #bees #honey #love #fun #girlstuff #nature #beefarm #beekeeping"

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets can be found in your home siding, the roof areas, in a tree/bush, or in the ground.  A big difference is that they will nest in a brown paper bag like home and not a wax comb.  Their nest looks different depending on which stage of building they are.  It can look like a little upside down mushroom cap dangling from a ceiling of your porch or it can look like a giant football made of brown paper.  Here are some pictures to help identify. Do not try to swat the nest or remove it without a professional present or if you do not have experience with removals.  These bees can sting repeatedly unlike the honey bee.  They do not die after stinging and will attack in a mass when provoked.  Give respect to all bees really but the ones that know they wont die from stinging seem to be more bold in my experience.  I have had a wasp the size of a piece of two rice grains look at me, square up, and zoom straight at my neck...they are fearless little ones.  On the other hand I have gotten cozy enough with a yellow jacket to pick her up with my finger and feed her honey.

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