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Honey bee home removal is the best way to guarantee the survival of the colony and your safety at home. They could get into your house if not dealt with or possibly be aggressive at certain times of the year and may heavily guard one of your home entrances if the hive is close to your doorway. When they get into the roof of your porch or the siding its best to remove the entire colony. If we do not remove the entire colony the comb, honey and bees left behind will attract mice, moths, ants, other bees and much more. It will smell and rot away in there. Dont make the mistake of spraying them for dead only to find a bigger mess in there later.

We work together with you and your choice contractor to safely remove the bees from your home.

If you do not have a contractor, Rick-Precision Handyman Services LLC. (484) 926-0811 has worked with me before. We can coordinate together for you.

Call for a free estimate. Lisas Bee Farm does not charge for the first visit to assess the plan of action.


Starting at $50/hour in most Berks county areas based on job requirements and up to $150/hour in other counties based on travel and job requirements.

We serve Berks County proudly. Other counties may call for estimates too.

Home Hive Removal Service: Honey Bee Rescue

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