Four Frame Nucleus Package includes 4 drawn Wax built up frames with foundations.  Worker bees. Some drones possibly.  Mated Queen with proof of laying. Honey, larvae, eggs, capped brood, and pollen. 
Pick ups will be on bee time meaning some time in May or June to ensure proper mating of your new queen.  

Half down using venmo, cash, cash ap, zelle, or a mailed check is accepted. Credit cards come with a 3.5% transaction fee.

I will contact everyone when Nucs are ready for pick up.  If you need local delivery please inquire.

Live bees are non returnable. 

If you are new to beekeeping I can give you some tips to get started and how to install at pick up. 

Please bring your own deep box, bottom board, entrance reducer, and lid with a bungie or tie straps to transport your bees. I do not provide take home boxes for nucs. 

Any questions please feel free to reach out. 


Nucleus (NUC) Package Live Bees & Queen