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Canes are organically grown and produce berries of the best quality. If you like Driscolls you will love these large, sweet, red berries. Pick early for a firm tart berry great for pies. Pick when they are darker red to purple for a sweeter harvest to make jams or toppings for your breakfast! The pollinators will thank you and so will your kids when you have family fun picking your own. They can be grown in even the smallest of spaces. A 4x6 garden space with 6+ hours of sunlight will do well. They can be container grown. Berries ripen over several weeks starting in June and go into July, providing a daily vitamin packed bounty. They are cold hardy to Pennsylvania and a perennial so they come back every year. The first season gives berries. The second season is loaded! Prune canes in late fall to promote growth. Cut them back to about 12” from the ground. They will spread out as new growth comes in so space canes 2 feet apart to plan for spreading.

Raspberry Canes

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